Live Performance Makeover” Josh Rusher, J. Morris & Stache Pt. 2

Bram finished his Atlanta SESAC Tempo Tuesday talk on 11/12/14 with two live performance makeovers featuring solo artist Josh Rusher and duo J Morris and Stache. The audience witnesses the transformation, they get into the moment, claps quickly become cheers as the audience shows true appreciation of each artist’s performance. In part 2, singer songwriter Josh Rusher performs his song after applying Bram’s instruction. The next makeover features working an audience with two members utilizing the Duo J Morris & Stache. Bram shows the artist how to slow down the progression of the song to assure the audience is with the artist form the start of the song. By crafting sections of the arrangement, Bram shows them further how to keep and direct the audiences’ attention when more than one person is on stage to get a huge crowd response at the end of the song.

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Live Performance Makeover: Josh Rusher, J Morris & Stache Pt. 1

Bram demonstrates how your stage performance affects the audience by working with an artist in front of a live crowd. Bram first has the artist perform their song as they typically plays it live, and then works with the artist in front of the audience to transform the song and have them perform it again to a completely different crowd response. This makeover features singer songwriter Josh Rusher performing his original “Bad Guy” from a SESAC Atlanta Tempo Tuesday featuring Bram on 11/12/13 and focuses on how a story and dynamics can capture and engage your audience, the problem with playing guitar solos while performing alone and using the stage to command authority and lead your audience.

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