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Imagine Dragons Live Atlanta 02/26/14 – Live Music Production Case Study Pt.2

“It’s Time” was the third song of the set and a moment for a great song. Knowing the audience is with them, font man Dan Reynolds is reading his audience well and knows they are completely with him so he further engages the audience with a sing a long. For most artists dating their audience, this may be too early in the set to ask this much involvement from the crowd, but when you married to your audience like any platinum selling artist you can push your audience faster to engage harder. This song also exemplifies working an area before moving onto another section of the audience, as well as how to move properly across the stage letting the song be your script – notice how he walks rather runs or skips. Finally the band does a great job of putting pressure on the audience to sing along by having all members at the front of the stage working their respective areas.

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