Imagine Dragons Live Atlanta 02/26/14 – Live Music Production Case Study Pt.4

Part of loving your audience is having a discourse with them. The way an audience communicates with the artist is usually through applause and cheers. Similar to interrupting someone in mid conversation, stopping your audience from cheering by saying thanks or talking over their applause is equally rude. Dan Reynolds properly waits for the crowd applause to start dying down before talking to them. He then creates a special engaging moment by singing an impromptu acapella version of “My Fault” making everyone in the room believe they are experiencing a spontaneous and special moment. And then to turn the audience on their ear, Imagine Dragons provides their first fun musical moment with a cover of Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” including expert guitar playing from Wayne “Wing” Sermon. Finishing the song with a huge trash can ending only increases the fun and assures an even greater response from the crowd before readying them for a chill moment with the upcoming tune “30 Lives” where the band will want the audience to listen more than watch.

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