Imagine Dragons Live Atlanta 02/26/14 – Live Music Production Case Study Pt.8

For the set closer “Radioactive” the band once again does an excellent job assuring the audience is fully with them before starting the song with a musical interlude and vocal repetition of the recognizable opening hook. They know that the last song of the set needs to be bigger and more awesome than any of the songs to come before it and use this opportunity to create their biggest moments yet with the help of all the drums on stage that up to this point have not been fully used by all members of the band at the same time. Just as they started, front man Dan Reynolds make sure the entire room is fully with the band by working the back and side areas aggressively before slipping into the final moments of the night.

The use of the dramatic pause before going into the musical bridge and drum solo of the song also assures the audience is completely ready for what comes next and by screaming “Atlanta” Dan leaves no fan behind to experience the biggest and most musical moment of the evening – a full band drum jam lasting well over a minute and building into such a frenzy that the band automatically assures themselves a deafening response and an audience eager for an encore. Just when you think it can’t get anymore intense a final dramatic stop before going int the final chorus floors the audience and an even bigger drum jam ends the night with a perfectly executed cut off from the front man as he faces the audience shouting “Radioactive” one last time before the stage goes dark.

It’s important to notice that in the final moments of the show the lights are brighter and bigger than any moment before hand, all the stage props are going off in unison and the main three members are putting serious pressure on the audience by being at the front of the stage assuring no one goes home without a horse voice.

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