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April 9, 2013 SoundArt

Hello Live Performing Artists

We here at Soundart Productions help live performing artists connect with audiences to win fans and sell more merch every time they play a show. This blog provides tips and case studies to help you look at your live performance in a whole new light.

For more information, contact Bram at 678-923-3940 or bram@soundart.us


About the Author

SoundArt Bram Bessoff, partner at Indiehitmaker.com, a service mark of PolyPlat Records, started his career as drummer for long-time touring & indie success band Soup. Now off the road, he speaks at conferences nationwide and helps many artists get the most out of their perforamnces and #makeitcount by reporting their live show sales each week, with the best charting on Billboard usually from live show sales alone. Bram is a full proponent of the Tom Jackson Live Music Method and is currently a Certified Live Music Method Teacher and Performance Coach. He helps artists connect more with their audiences increasing fans and merch sales through the live performance. Bram is currently in training with Tom Jackson Productions working toward eventual status as a fully credited Live Music Producer and serves as President of the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival.

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