Imagine Dragons Live Atlanta 02/26/14 – Live Music Production Case Study Pt.5

After delivering an energetic and fun moment with the cover “Tom Sawyer” the band does an excellent job delivering a touching moment with their ballad “30 Lives” where the audience knows to stop, listen and join in with the moment by busting out their mobile phone flashlights. Everyone in the audience keeps quiet, listens and enjoys the spectacle of lights. Notice how the audience reaction is much more subdued than any other songs played up until this point, this is done by design. To get the audience to chill even more Dan could of and debatebly should have sat down to sing this song using a stool, road case or edge of the stage to bring the energy levels down even more. This gives the audience a chance to relax, rest their ears, change their focus and allows the band to change the pressure in the room while preparing the crowd to get even more rowdy for the last songs of the show.

Know when your audience wants to have fun:

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